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  • CFRP Machine Manufactoring Industry


The Machine Manufacturing Industry is a very complex and challenging area for CFRP. This includes in particular the Automation Technology as well as the Chemical Industry. In principle, the following basic rule applies for a meaningful use of a CFRP part: is has to be significantly better than the material it is to replace in at least one important aspect. Extremely high load change resistance of CFRP leads to dynamically highly resilient parts

Weight reduction are of major importance in fast moving parts. CFRP is increasingly finding its way into a variety of areas in the traditional Machine Manufacturing Industry. Clever combination of metal and fiber composite material utilizes the enormous advantages of CFRP in the basic part. At the same time, we meet the requirement for assembling according to the classic machine tool regulations by exact and very tight tolerance CNC machining of the metallic power transfer elements.

The advantages of CFRP in the Machine Manufactoring Industry

  • Extreme high rigidity and stability
  • very high endurance strength
  • good attenuation characteristics
  • good chemical resistance
  • customized design
  • anti-magnetic characteristics

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